Source code for knittingpattern

"""The knitting pattern module.

Load and convert knitting patterns using the convenience functions listed
# there should be no imports

#: the version of the knitting pattern library
__version__ = '0.1.19'

#: an empty knitting pattern set as specification
EMPTY_KNITTING_PATTERN_SET = {"version": "0.1", "type": "knitting pattern",
                              "patterns": []}

[docs]def load_from(): """Create a loader to load knitting patterns with. :return: the loader to load objects with :rtype: knittingpattern.Loader.JSONLoader Example: .. code:: python import knittingpattern, webbrowser k = knittingpattern.load_from().example("Cafe.json")".svg")) """ from .ParsingSpecification import new_knitting_pattern_set_loader return new_knitting_pattern_set_loader()
[docs]def load_from_object(object_): """Load a knitting pattern from an object. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet """ return load_from().object(object_)
[docs]def load_from_string(string): """Load a knitting pattern from a string. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet """ return load_from().string(string)
[docs]def load_from_file(file): """Load a knitting pattern from a file-like object. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet """ return load_from().file(file)
[docs]def load_from_path(path): """Load a knitting pattern from a file behind located at `path`. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet """ return load_from().path(path)
[docs]def load_from_url(url): """Load a knitting pattern from a url. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet """ return load_from().url(url)
[docs]def load_from_relative_file(module, path_relative_to): """Load a knitting pattern from a path relative to a module. :param str module: can be a module's file, a module's name or a module's path. :param str path_relative_to: is the path relative to the modules location. The result is loaded from this. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet """ return load_from().relative_file(module, path_relative_to)
[docs]def convert_from_image(colors=("white", "black")): """Convert and image to a knitting pattern. :return: a loader :rtype: knittingpattern.Loader.PathLoader :param tuple colors: the colors to convert to .. code:: python convert_from_image().path("pattern.png").path("pattern.json") convert_from_image().path("pattern.png").knitting_pattern() .. seealso:: :mod:`knittingoattern.convert.image_to_knitting_pattern` """ from .convert.image_to_knittingpattern import \ convert_image_to_knitting_pattern return convert_image_to_knitting_pattern(colors=colors)
[docs]def new_knitting_pattern(id_, name=None): """Create a new knitting pattern. :return: a new empty knitting pattern. :param id_: the id of the knitting pattern :param name: the name of the knitting pattern or :obj:`None` if the :paramref:`id_` should be used :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPattern.KnittingPattern .. seealso:: :meth:`KnittingPatternSet.add_new_pattern() <knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet.add_new_pattern>` """ knitting_pattern_set = new_knitting_pattern_set() return knitting_pattern_set.add_new_pattern(id_, name)
[docs]def new_knitting_pattern_set(): """Create a new, empty knitting pattern set. :rtype: knittingpattern.KnittingPatternSet.KnittingPatternSet :return: a new, empty knitting pattern set """ return load_from_object(EMPTY_KNITTING_PATTERN_SET)
__all__ = ["load_from_object", "load_from_string", "load_from_file", "load_from_path", "load_from_url", "load_from_relative_file", "convert_from_image", "load_from", "new_knitting_pattern", "new_knitting_pattern_set"]